Celebrating your changing family.

“You captured the moments so beautifully and perfectly - thank you.”  – Kristen Bechtold

Time is moving so quickly. Before your family changes again, this milestone needs to be celebrated.


“[The portraits] are FANTASTIC!!!! Thank you so much.  They are truly awesome, exactly what I was hoping for.  You captured us!!!”  – Shayna Seymour, Channel 5 Boston Chronicle


Portraits are more than captured smiles and clean clothes. Family portraits mark the beginning of the parenting journey, the innocence of childhood, the fleeting moments of peace during the teen years, and even the glowing pride and joy in a grandparent’s eyes. Framed portraits on the walls of your home are concrete evidence of your changing family’s growth through the years.

Family portraits are important to developing a healthy sense of self.

Studies have shown that children are more confident and happy growing up in homes where family photos are displayed. They grow up knowing they are a valued and important part of that family unity.

It’s likely we feel so strongly about portraits because most don’t remember seeing them on the walls of our childhood home. Being a child of divorced parents poses even larger challenges, especially since mom is normally missing from all family portraits entirely.

Whether you join us in my studio or we meet you at your favorite destination, we take great joy in helping you document your changing family’s journey.

All of our portrait sessions are FREE. We do not charge you to take your portrait. We take a small retainer fee to reserve your space and time on our calendar, which is refundable at your ordering session. To provide you with the level of experience we strive for, we turn down other clients in order to dedicate our time solely to you throughout the entire process.


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